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Greening Mexico one acre at a time 绿化墨西哥,一次一英亩

August 26, 2011

Texcoco Lake Ecological Park / Papalote Verde Children’s Museum, Mexico

墨西哥,特斯科科湖生态公园/ Papalote Verde 儿童博物馆

Thursday 25 Aug 2011

Origin from WAN 原文来自WAN

翻译:George Lam

Architect Iñaki Echeverria scoops two eco-inspired projects in Mexico

建筑师Iñaki Echeverria在墨西哥获得两个生态灵感的项目

Architect Iñaki Echeverria has been commissioned to design two high profile projects in México that will dramatically remake the landscape. The first, El Parque Ecologico Laso de Texcoco (Texcoco Lake Ecological Park), is to be the world’s largest urban park. The project will occupy a region of the México City valley originally covered by Lake Texcoco and will encompass an area more than 35,000 acres, roughly 42 times larger than Central Park. The project is highly sustainable and involves the work of over 150 specialists from multiple fields. Key elements include a lake, wetland, meadow and forest habitats; renewable energy installations, community gardens, and wastewater treatment facilities.

建筑师Iñaki Echeverria已经被委托设计墨西哥的两个备受瞩目的项目,它们将会戏剧性地重塑景观。第一个叫El Parque Ecologico Laso de Texcoco(特斯科科湖生态公园),这是世界最大城市公园。该项目将会占据原本被特斯科科湖覆盖着的墨西哥城谷的一个区域,包括一个大于35000英亩的区域,大约是比中央公园大42倍。此项目是高度可持续的,由超过150位来自不同领域的专家参与进工作。关键要素包括湖、湿地、草地和森林栖息地、可再生能源装置、社区花园和污水处理设施。

Echeverria’s other project is a children’s museum carved into the landscape. Scheduled to open in winter 2012, Papalote Verde Children’s Museum, which is located in Monterrey, the industrial heart of México, will be an interactive museum that integrates the many green technologies into a bold structure that itself will become part of the learning experience. The subterranean space reduces environmental and site impact and avoids conflict with the functioning Parque Fundidora nearby. It is expected to become México’s first LEED Platinum building.

Echeverria的另一个项目是被雕刻成景观的儿童博物馆。位于墨西哥工业中心Monterrey的Papalote Verde儿童博物馆计划于2012年冬开幕,这将是一个把许多绿色科技整合到大胆的结构上的互动的博物馆,这将把它自己变成学习体验的一部分。地下空间减少环境和基地的影响,同时避免与附近Parque Fundidora发生功能冲突。本建筑期望成为墨西哥第一个LEED白金建筑。

Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent

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