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Green light for £60bn GBP Bering Strait tunnel 白令海峡隧道工程获批六百亿英镑

August 24, 2011

Bering Strait tunnel, Yakutsk, Russia

Monday 22 Aug 2011

Origin from WAN 原文来自WAN

翻译: George Lam

London to New York rail journey on horizon


It was first mooted as long ago 1905 by Tsar Nicholas 11, but this week the Kremlin finally gave the green light for a 65 mile (106 km) tunnel linking Asia and North America, taking the epic project a step nearer reality.

此案早在1905年由Tsar Nicholas II提出,但直至本周克里姆林宫才最终给连接亚洲和北美洲的长65英里(106公里)的隧道开绿灯,使得这项壮举离实现又迈进了一部。

The conference in Yakutsk was hosted by Yegor Borisov the Governor and the project was ratified by President Medvedev’s top officials including Aleksander Levinthal the deputy federal representative for the Russian far East.

在雅库茨克由官员Yegor Borisov主持会议,该项目经由总统梅德韦杰夫的最高官员们批准,包括俄罗斯远东地区联合代表的代表人Aleksander Levinthal。

It’s been hailed as the greatest railway project of all time but admittedly, there are still a small few details outstanding such as funding to iron out but Russia is determined to pursue its claim to the huge fossil fuel and mineral wealth in the arctic and develop its trading ties with China. Experts forecast that the completed service could carry 3% of the world’s freight and earn £7billion GBP per year. Engineers have said the project could reach break-even in seven years.


A 500 mile, £900m GBP link from the Trans-Siberian railway to Yakutsk is already in construction and will be completed in 2013, nudging towards the Russian goal of a further 2360 miles by 2030. This will provide strategic links from the mineral rich territory in the north to key freight lines in Russia and China.


Michael Hammond  迈克尔·哈蒙德

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