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No place to hide 没有给皮的地方

August 20, 2011

Rawhide: The New Shingle Style, Jason Payne/Hirsuta, Los Angeles, United States

Friday 19 Aug 2011

Original from World Architecture News(原文出自World Architecture News)

Jason Payne replicates curled Raspberry Fields roof system for SCI-Arc exhibition

Jason Payne 为南加州建筑学院展览会再造卷曲的山莓场地屋顶系统

All images courtesy of Joshua White

Los Angeles-based architect Jason Payne is recognised for his highly inventive and exploratory forms, classically showcased in 2010 project Raspberry Fields, a textured residential build in northern Utah. In this modest scheme, Payne – and his boutique architectural practice Hirsuta – encased the building in shingles which have curled drastically over the years in response to the freeze-thaw nature of the local climate.

洛杉矶建筑师Jason Payne因其2010年的一个位于犹他州北部的有质感的住宅项目“山莓场地”经典性地展示了他的极具创意性和探索性的形式而闻名。在这个不太显眼的方案中,Payne和他的精品建筑实践Hirsuta用彻底卷曲了的木瓦包住建筑物,这些木瓦是在当地气候的冻融自然条件下经过几年而形成的。

This abundance of twisted wooden shingles has been perfectly replicated in part for an exhibition at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). Payne and Hirsuta have recreated the roof of Raspberry Fields at 1:1 scale which will form the centerpiece of the gallery exhibition Rawhide until 11th September 2011.


An exploration into the relationship between a building’s ‘skin’ and an animal’s ‘hide’ forms the basis of this display piece, the mass of curling shingles presented as an architectural representation of a beast’s pelt. This theme has been continued into the surrounding space, where real cowhides grace the room ‘refigured as abstract bodies’.


In order to achieve the desired look and feel of the roof – a weathered coiling of the wooden protrusions which would take years in a natural environment – Payne steam-curled the coat of cedar shingles, encouraging it to ‘take on the quality of an animal hide par excellence, moving architectural cladding toward something more wild and feral…the becoming animal of architecture’.




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